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  1. Upon completion of the installation, Bugaboo installers will perform an inspection of all lights, cords, timers and outlets to ensure everything is working correctly. Following the installation customers are expected to perform their own power and visual inspection. It is the responsibility of the client to report any problems to Bugaboo within 72 hours, by phone or email. Power and visual inspection includes, but is not limited to, problems with materials used, cord hiding/placement, work site clean-up, timer/bulb functionality, and overall customer satisfaction. Following the installation of new lights, we recommend you leave your new light on for a minimum of 3 hours on the first evening to test the bulbs.
  2. Beyond the 72 hour inspection period all service calls may be invoiced at an hourly rate of $75 per hour.
  3. Decorations damaged by vandalism, extreme weather conditions, animals, faulty outlets, electrical wiring on property, damaged circuits or tripped GFCI’s will be repaired at Bugaboo’s hourly rate of $75 plus any cost of new materials. Timing for these repairs will be done as our schedule and weather permits.
  4. All of our installing dates are determined by our installers. We do not guarantee any special dates. Clients are given a date rage for installation, typically a 3 day window in which we will arrive to install the lights. These dates are subject to change depending on weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances. Bugaboo Landscaping will do our best to honor any installation window that is provided but clients must understand that changes do happen.
  5. Bad weather, snow and or ice on roofs may make installation on houses not possible. Installers will use their discretion as to the safety and conditions of the install.
  6. For clients using their own product: Clients must have their lights, cords and decorations ready for our arrival. Should the product not be left out for us prior to install or if no power is available to test lights you will be charged a missed appointment fee of $75
  7. Clients must test all power outlets (and have power turned on upon our arrival), extension cords and light strands to ensure they are in good working order and supplied in an orderly fashion. Our rates include the install of lights only.
  8. For those clients choosing to use previously installed lights outside of warranty or lights not purchased new from Bugaboo Landscaping our installers will replace non-functioning bulbs (C9,C6,C7), billing for the repair hours and any materials used.
  9. Lights installed for longer than 3 months have no warranty, no exceptions.
  10. All clips used must be new and provided by Bugaboo Landscaping.
  11. Bugaboo Landscaping does not install traditional glass bulb Christmas lights or non-LED lights (including traditional icicle lights)
  12. For jobs over $1000 a 25% deposit of the gross cost of the job is required.
  13. We require a credit card on file (Visa or MasterCard) to guarantee booking and or services.
  14. If payment for our services has not been received within one month of receipt Bugaboo Landscaping will assess late fees of 2% (24 annum) and the credit card supplied upon booking will be charged.
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